Why Shop Local?

For every £1 spent local, 50-70% recirculates in the local community.

For every £1 spent online/out of town, only 5% recirculates in the local community.

2 out of every 3 shops in the UK are independent.

More and more town centres are looking like clone towns, lacking uniqueness and community identity.

Consumers will Travel 17 Minutes to Reach a Local Business.

When marketing a local business it can be difficult to judge how far you should extend your catchment area for attracting new customers. Small businesses neither have the time nor the resources to waste on targeting consumers who may not consider them local enough to be a viable business for them to use.

It’s more beneficial to target those consumers in your immediate area, but how do we know how far is too far for a local business? Just how ‘local’ do you need to be to attract new customers?

Fowey shop on Small Biz 100 list

Fowey-based vintage lighting shop Any Old Lights has been selected from thousands as one of the top 100 UK companies for Small Business Saturday.

Now in its fifth year, Small Business Saturday on December 2 encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities. The 100 chosen companies receive exposure in the national press, and also join ministerial receptions in Downing Street and the Treasury.